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Danielle Shares Heartwarming Sign Dad Sent Her After His Passing

“I really want a sign, dad, please send me a sign that you’re okay,” Danielle Monaro recalls to the morning show Friday, November 15th. It is Danielle's first day back after losing her father Roy. Danielle continues her story saying, “I’m sitting at my son’s soccer game, there’s a lot of people on the side lines and in the middle of the soccer game this dog from all the way across the other side of the field gets away from its owner and starts running onto the soccer field during the game, I hadn’t recorded the game at all and I just turned on the camera because I thought my son Spencer was going to kick a penalty shot and I’m like oh let me get this on tape, didn’t happen, and this dog came running to me, jumped on me, and licked my face and then the owner says to me 'oh yeah the dogs name is Aries' which is my astrological sign." Danielle says to herself after the encounter, “Omg that’s the sign, my dad is okay.” Danielle continues saying she "felt better at that moment," and she "could not believe that it happened."

After the soccer game, Danielle posted the video to Instagram. In her caption she shares, "I have been asking my Dad to send me a “sign” that he is ok. Yesterday at Spencer’s soccer game a dog got away from its owner and wound up on the field. There were so many people on the side lines but somehow this dog found me. It jumped up and licked me. The owner said the dogs name was ARIES...Which is my astrological “sign”. I ❤️ you Dad (and this was the only time during the game that I happen to be recording)."

You can watch the entire encounter on video above!