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Skeery Gets A Cowbell Stuck On His Head

Skeery Jones needed everyone's help this morning as he got his head stuck in a cowbell! Emmi Cheese stopped by the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday, November 8th to deliver us some delicious cheese! They even had a cheese wheel that was carved to look like Skeery and one based off a photo of Elvis Duran, his husband Alex Carr and their dog Max.

They also delivered a cowbell to the studio for Skeery. When Skeery brought the cowbell into the studio, he explained to them how he did not know the significance of the cowbell. He had no idea they put cowbells on the cows so they don't lose them! As someone who grew up in the city he found it crazy that this is what the cowbell is used for.

Well after putting on the cowbell himself, Skeery found himself in a sticky situation... the cowbell got STUCK on his head! Watch above as Elvis helps Skeery take the cowbell off.