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Intern Photoshops Herself Into Darren Criss Photo

The Struggle Of Not Being Able To Work Every Day

Yep, you definitely read that right. I know for a lot of people, getting up for work every day is not something they look forward to, but when you work for the greatest radio station in the world, all you want is to be there every day. As an intern, we are only allowed to work a certain amount of days/hours. When I’m not there, I miss out on the funny and interesting stories talked about by the best radio personality, the cool guests that come in for interviews and the incredible work environment that I have been so lucky to be surrounded by each day I am there. One of the greatest parts about this internship are the friendships I have made with fellow interns who share so many of the same interests as me. Not going to lie, was a little intimidated to meet my fellow interns because I didn't know what to expect. But, what started out as a group chat created to have just in case any of us need to switch a day, has become a group chat that we talk in almost every day to update one another on things going on in and out of work. I was so sad one morning when I woke up to the news that none other than Darren Criss came into the studio on the day that I didn’t work. Elsie Fest has become one of favorite yearly traditions, not to mention Glee being my absolute favorite show and while I was so happy for my fellow interns to be able to meet him, I was definitely bummed that I couldn’t share that experience with them. These are the kinds of moments that make me wish I could work every day! You never know what is going to happen on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show which makes my internship experience even more exciting. It makes me wonder if anyone loves their job so much that they never want to miss a single day!

P.S. It sucked that I couldn’t be there for Darren Criss’ interview with Elvis but don’t worry, I took care of that! Looks totally normal right?

-Intern Julianna