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Entire Show Stops Working To Watch Elvis Duran On The Wendy Williams Show

Somebody Pinch Me… 

Wow, after years of listening to the morning show, I would’ve never imagined I’d be able to say that I’m an intern here! This entire experience still feels surreal to me, but it’s amazing to finally put faces to the voices I heard while I was growing up. 

Let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m web intern Maria and when I’m not sitting in class at Rutgers University, you can find me behind a computer screen doing all sorts of digital stuff for EDMS. In the month that I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much from editing audio to put on the show’s website to social media analytics. I’ve also never laughed harder! The joking around and the randomness that goes on behind the scenes makes coming here enjoyable. There is truly never a dull moment in this place! Each day is different and my experience here has only gotten better with time. It’s also really cool that you’re able to meet sooo many artists!! I think I stopped breathing when Billie Eilish said hi to me (I LOVE HER). 

Everyone is so welcoming and caring here that it makes me feel like I’ve been a part of the morning show family for a lot longer! My favorite memory so far is when everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Elvis on The Wendy Williams Show. We all gathered around the TV to cheer him on as he appeared on the show to talk about his new book. It was a heart warming experience that made me cherish my time here at EDMS. It also doesn’t hurt to have the coolest person as your digital mentor. Allie is seriously one of the most caring and funniest people I’ve ever met and I look forward to coming in every morning to listen to her crazy stories! She has so much knowledge on all things media, it amazes me. 

I still can’t believe I get to learn from the very best in the game. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. It seems way too good to be true. Am I dreaming? Somebody needs to pinch me to make sure. Anyways, can’t wait to keep creating many more memories with this awesome crew!

Talk soon, 

Intern Maria