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Froggy And His Wife Lisa Get Into A Fight Over His Farts

Last night Froggy and his wife Lisa went to bed without speaking to each other. Why you ask? Well Froggy farted.

Now that may seem a little extreme at first but wait till you hear this story. By the end of the conversation, every person in the room was on Lisa's side of the argument... "I'm super pissed off. It's disgusting and I did not need that before bed.... I have a hard time sleeping and all of a sudden this long, drawn out fart that felt like it was never going to end happened... I got up and left the room. It was ridiculous and rude... It smelt and he thought it was funny."

Froggy's response: "Yesterday. all day long, I told Lisa that my stomach was hurting... And so last night it started clearing up and it was obviously gas... The one in the bed was very long and drawn out... I did it under the covers, I didn't fluff it up and down to get it to come out or anything... I could've died in that bed and she didn't even speak to me... I was facing away from her... I don't get mad when [Lisa] farts... I couldn't have run out of the room... It goes away in a couple of minutes"

The show's main argument is the way Froggy acts when he does the fart. He laughs, makes a joke... but that's not always the way you want your significant other to act when you're annoyed about the situation. Listen to their argument below and how the entire show weighs in on the conversation.