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BTS Calls Ed Sheeran “Santa Claus” After He Gave Them The Greatest Gift

The K-Pop group that has taken over the world, BTS, is back from their vacation and coming at us with even more amazing music. "Make It Right," featuring Lauv is their latest single making its way into the U.S. and we could not be more excited. The song written by Ed Sheeran is the perfect song to jam.

How did they end up working with one of the greatest song writers in the world, Ed Sheeran? "Actually he contacted us saying he made a song for us," says BTS on working with the star, "He's like Santa Claus, a present for us. He wrote the hook." BTS continues saying, "Of course we wanted to work with him that's how the collaboration started... THANK YOU ED SHEERAN," the group shouted at the end.

When deciding who to work with on the song, it was an easy choice to make it their friend Lauv. "He said he wanted to come to our Wembley show and he actually did come," said BTS on how they met the singer. He wanted to work with them so BTS said "Let's work together!"

This song is so great and we are so excited about this collaboration. Hoping we get BTS back touring in the U.S. soon considering last time they were here they played "Six sold-out stadiums." "We met over 300,000 fans. The stadium was so big and it was one of our dream goals... We did some sight seeing as well," says the group on the last time they were touring America. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

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