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The 10 Things Men Do That They Think Are Okay But Are Actually Super Creepy

Man Talking Privately On Cellphone

There's a discussion on Reddit about things men do that they THINK are okay but are actually creepy. So please . . . PLEASE . . . take these to heart.

Here are some of the top answers . . .

1. Asking a woman, "Where's my hug?"

2. Saying something like, "You're perfect" within a few minutes of meeting someone.

3. Moving a woman's clothing to get a better look at her tattoo.

4. Hassling someone for a date because you know she doesn't have a boyfriend.

5. Giving unsolicited shoulder massages.

6. When a woman is walking on the sidewalk, driving slowly next to them to try to talk to them.

7. Casually touching a woman's thigh or back while you're talking to her. 

8. Blocking an exit when you're trying to start a conversation, or restricting a woman's movement in any way.

9. Asking a woman you just met if she lives alone.

10. Getting sexually explicit the first time you're texting. 

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