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Bobbi Brown Shares Beauty Tips For Fall

Bobbi Brown always gives us the best skin tips, this time she even brought us Afternoon Chocolate and Overnight Vanilla products and let us say... it was really good!

Whenever Bobbi is in we always like to bring in callers to ask questions about ways they can keep their skin clear and glowing no matter what the circumstances are. Listener Jenna called in the show today and Bobbi gave her three things that are going to make a difference in her skin. The first, breathe. The second, "make sure you drink enough water that you're completely hydrated. 8 glasses a day, your skin will look so much better. Finally, Jenna wanted to know about micro-needles, in which Bobbi says, she hasn't done them but has heard they work. Bobbi concludes saying Jenna's lifestyle now probably makes her think she looks tired. What you put into your body is what you get out of it.

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