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Josh Groban Talks Upcoming Guests At His Radio City Residency

Just announced - Josh Groban is taking over the legendary Radio City Music Hall for 2020. A 'casual' residency as Elvis Duran says on the morning show Friday, October 11th morning.

Starting February 14, 2020, Josh Groban is kicking off his residency in New York. The concert will be filled with "romantic shenanigans" he tells the show and he's hoping for a proposal or two. There may not be a proposal at his show, but there will be plenty of surprises... Groban teased on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show that there will be plenty of special guests. "My texting has been fast and furious," says Groban about connecting with friends to make an appearance. On the morning show, Elvis even had Uncle Johnny audition with his famous rendition of 'What A Wonderful World,' Louis Armstrong. Will Uncle Johnny be showing up at one of the shows? One can only hope.

Tickets for Josh Groban's show are available here.