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Lauv Talks Working With Microsoft To Connect His Fans

Lauv stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Mental Health Awareness Day, October 10th, to talk about the importance of talking about mental health and how he uses his platform to connect his listeners. A few years back, Lauv started his 'blue thoughts,' talking about what's on his mind. Now he is teaming up with Microsoft for a blue box to appear at all his shows.

At each show there is a blue box, where his fans can write what's on their mind. Whether they are "struggling with eating disorders.. or being in love with your best friend and you don't know what to do," are a few examples Lauv says people have wrote in the box. "We need more connection in this world of ours," says Lauv... and he's doing just that.

Lauv may not be releasing his upcoming debut album until March (which he said has 21 tracks on it) but he will be releasing tracks throughout 2019. His latest single, f***, i'm lonely with Anne-Marie is set to be the next exciting chapter for him.