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Here's The Little White Lie Niall Horan Uses To Pick Up Women

It's been almost two years since Niall Horan released his debut solo album Flicker, and his fans are ready for more. After the release of his new single Nice To Meet Ya, it is clear his music is going in an exciting direction. "Writing 'Nice To Meet Ya' in particular, was a special one for me. It gave me a chance to experiment musically and I'm so excited to finally share it with everyone," says Niall upon the release.

While on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Niall ensures everyone this album has "more guitar" and "uptempo," but we have some time to wait he says, since the album may not come out until February. After performing the song for the first time live for Elvis Duran, Danielle Monaro couldn't help but ask about the story behind the song... Was there really a girl that got away at the bar? And actually, there was!

Niall begins telling the story, saying the song is really just an exaggeration. Then Gandhi chimed in asking how Niall actually introduces himself when he's trying to pick up girls at the bars. His response? Well I guess there was a time when Niall was backpacking with his two cousins through Asia where he didn't have to worry. "For 10 weeks I wasn't Niall Horan," says Niall about the experience. In fact he actually told women that he works at "WeWork with his cousin" so they weren't suspicious.

Just a little white lie he told while out and about on his trip. I wonder if it would ever work here in America though.... Be sure to check out Niall's full interview with Elvis Duran above. You can also see him on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour. Ticket details here.