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Are You Micro-Cheating On Your Significant Other?

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What is micro-cheating? Are you micro-cheating on your significant other? Micro-cheating IS different from regular cheating. The definition states that micro-cheating is when you do things that might not be considered outright infedelity, but are still breaches of trust that could potentially lead to cheating in the future, says certified counselor Jonathan Bennet. However in a relationship some people's micro-cheating may be someone else's legit cheating.

Here are 10 things that could be considered micro-cheating in your relationship!

  1. Contacting An Ex On Social Media
  2. Liking An Old Social Media Post
  3. Repeatedly Visiting A Profile
  4. Lying About Your Relationship Status On Social Media
  5. Keeping An Active Dating Profile
  6. Contacting An Ex And Concealing It
  7. Having A Deep Emotional Contact With Someone Else
  8. Listing Someone By A Fake Name In Your Contacts
  9. Sexting Someone Else
  10. Sending Nude Photos

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Do you consider any of these regular cheating? If you do, maybe you should have a sit-down conversation with your significant other to figure out what cheating means to your relationship!

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