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Elvis Duran Sits Down With Charlamagne Tha God To Talk 'Where Do I Begin?'

Tuesday, October 1st is not only the first day of Octo, it is the launch day for Elvis Duran's memoir: Where Do I Begin? The book launched today and to celebrate, Elvis Duran took the hot seat, and was the one interviewed for a change.

During his interview, Elvis dives head first into what it was like going from broadcasting to just a few of his neighbors from his childhood home to broadcasting to millions across the country. Charlamagne also asks Elvis what part of writing the book made him cry. His response? Writing about September 11th and his new husband Alex Carr. Elvis also explains what it was like coming out over the air and so much more.

Watch Charlamagne Tha God of The Breakfast Club interview Elvis on his story and more in a live stream below!

Like what you watched? Make sure you pick up a copy of Elvis Duran's book TODAY all the details and information to attend a book signing here.