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Adam Lambert Talks The Importance Of Global Citizen Festival

International superstar, Adam Lambert had unveiled a brand new EP 'VELVET: Side A'. available now! His new single Superpower is out now and a total jam. Danielle Monaro seriously can't stop singing the chorus during commercial breaks. Lambert is currently on the road with Queen on a sold out North American tour. This weekend you can find him headlining Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

Lambert explains to Elvis Duran how the process of even getting a ticket to the festival goes through a process that insures only people who really care for the cause are going. Global Citizen's Festival is a show that takes place in Central Park, New York City. The Impact of the festival goes towards Global Citizen's values. Since 2012, 23.4 million actions by Global Citizens have helped generate commitments and policy announcements from leaders valued at over $47 billion. These commitments have affected the lives of 880 million people to date with interventions that range from vaccinating a child to providing one year of education. These things will ultimately help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Lambert also discusses how since the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' came out last year, the story has brought new fans to their shows. Now when Lambert looks out into the crowd he is seeing people of all ages, including Danielle's son! Watch Elvis Duran's entire interview above and be sure to listen this weekend as he broadcasts live backstage at the festival.