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Stephen Puth Reveals The Biggest Struggle Of Writing For Other Artists

Stephen Puth is not only an amazing singer, and brothers with the "C" word *cough Charlie Puth*, but he also is an incredible songwriter. Writing for bands like The Vamps and Pretty Much as well as Daniel Skye, Jack & Jack, Puth is now investing in his own songs. While thinking he was going into a meeting for writing, he was told... it was his time to be the artist. With his new song Look Away, Puth is starting his career as a musician.

Even though Puth doesn't think he'll stop writing for artists anytime soon, he does reveal one of the biggest struggles of this part of the job. "There are so many times that an artist would cut a song, and it's as small as changing an 'and' to a 'but'.... it's like throwing paint on my picture." Even though it can be hard sometimes to see someone change your work, or compromise on your words Puth says, "at the ned of the day, anything that can put my name out there is good."

You can hear Puth perform his new single Look Away as well as cover Niall Horan's Slow Hands below!