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An Inside Look At The Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop

Could I BE anymore excited about the Friends 25th anniversary pop-up shop! Superfly Production and Warner Brothers have teamed up to bring Friends to the city where it all began, New York. The space begins with a loop of the theme song playing on a TV screen with a quote written on the wall. It reads:

Twenty-five years ago, we met six vibrant 20-somethings whose lives and loves were intimately entwined. We got to know them, their families..... their poultry. They were friends not just of each other, but of us too. For 10 seasons they welcomes us into their world. Welcome back. Take a seat on the couch. You're among friends.

Now if that didn't get you choked up just wait till you see some of the authentic items from the show....

As you walk through the pop-up you are sent through a maze of areas, one dedicated to each character as well as one dedicated to Monica and Chandler as a couple and Ross and Rachel as a couple. After getting a photo on the 'Central Perk' couch, you enter the Ross area. Immediately you are greeted by a copy of 'Science Boy' the comic book Ross made that got stolen by Phoebe in the episode 'The One With All The Mugging.' From their you get a close up look at his leather pants, the Gellar cup, and the helmet from his 'Sputnik' costume.

Then we enter the infamous scene.... PIVOT!

From there we take a walk into the start of Rachel's area, where you can take a photo with the infamous purple door.

Immediately after the purple door scene you can take a photo in the infamous turkey head.. the turkey head where Chandler told Monica he loves her in the episode 'The One With All The Thanksgivings.'

After putting the turkey on your head you will see a timeline of all the relationships each one of the Friends character had. From Rachel's Paulo to Ross's one second fling with Janice.. everything is covered! After walking through there you can take a photo in all of Chandler's clothes from the episode 'The One Where No one's Ready.' Could Skeery BE wearing anymore clothes?

From here you enter Joey and Chandler's apartment where you can take a seat in Rosita herself!

The pop-up shop finishes off with a photo in Central Perk as shown in the photo at the top of the page. As you walk through everything in glass cases are authentic props from the show. You can see everything from Monica and Chandler's vows to the porno Phoebe (but really Ursula) starred in. See below for a couple of our favorite items!

Although tickets for the event are sold-out there is a standby line outside that you can take a chance on. The shop officially closes October 6th, but hopefully there's a chance for it to pop-up again!