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10 Ways To Define Online Cheating

Young woman texting on bed

How do you define 'online cheating'? Is it crossing the line just to message someone you think is cute? Or is it when you get emotional and share feelings that you can't express to your significant other. We asked our listeners to share how they define online cheating. What crosses the line when you talk to someone that is NOT your significant other?

  1. Liking 'booty pics' on Instagram.
  2. Talking about sexual things with someone other than your significant other.
  3. Sending nudes.
  4. Telling someone that's a secret before saying anything to your significant other.
  5. Talking to escorts online.
  6. Sending 'secret messages' on Facebook.
  7. Texting with 'invisible ink.'
  8. Sending sexual voice messages.
  9. It’s crossing the line as soon as you start sending selfies to each other especially when that selfie ain’t making it to the significant other.
  10. Any form of talking to someone and saying things that you no you shouldn’t be doing or that you feel you need to hide is cheating.

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