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Facebook Dating's "Secret Crush" Isn't As Secret As You Might Think

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Facebook just launched it's official dating feature through the app. One of the features through the app is to make someone a "secret crush." This is where someone can make a friend on Facebook a crush of theirs and hopefully end up in a match. Well the term "secret" is used loosely here because the person you crush on, DOES get notified that you have a crush on them. However the notification might not get to everyone you crush on. If the person you crush on doesn't have the app, they will not get the crush notification. Another thing to note is that if you remove them as your secret crush, the crush will NOT receive the notification.

Facebook says it's new dating feature is meant to make it "easier to find love through what you like" and help users "start meaningful relationships." It is designed to be "safe, inclusive and opt-in." To access the feature, users who are 18 and older, need to download the latest version of the Facebook app, and then create a dating profile that will be separate from your main profile.

Facebook dating was announced by the company more than a year ago and is now rolled out in nineteen other countries.

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