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Greg T. Shows Off Costume He's Wearing To Elvis Duran's Wedding

Elvis Duran is insisting that he does not care what anyone wears to his wedding. Well Greg T. wants to put this to the test.

After reading about the bride who let her sister wear a T-Rex costume to her wedding, Greg T. wanted to know how big of a costume he could wear to Elvis's wedding to Alex. Bride Deanna Adams, who was very forward in telling bridesmaids they can wear whatever they feel is comfortable, wasn't expecting her maid of honor, Christina Meador to show up in a T-Rex costume! After participating in the ceremony, Christina posted a photo on Facebook which ultimately went viral. The post was captioned, "When you're maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose... I regret nothing." Many commenters praised the bride and bridesmaid for having such a good sense of humor.

Greg T. decided it was time to show off the costume he wants to wear to Elvis's wedding and put on a SHARK costume - baby shark to be exact. After calling Elvis's fiancé Alex, they both agreed that being with family and friends is what's important so Greg T. can dress in whatever he wants. However after doing a poll on the Elvis Duran Show Instagram account, most listeners disagree. What do you think after watching above? Do you think Greg T. should wear the shark costume to the wedding?