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Bethenny Frankel Continues Emergency Assistance For Hurricane Dorian

Just because she announced her retirement from Real Housewives Of New York City, doesn't mean Bethenny Frankel is stopping anything else anytime soon. Frankel's bstrong program is a disaster relief initiative that provides real time emergency assistance to individuals and families in crisis.

Frankel is now helping with first aid, water and medical relief for the people affected by Hurricane Dorian. She is working on relief and will work on rebuilding after the hurricane.

Since the launch of her bstrong initiative in 2017, Frankel has been working to raise and distribute millions of dollars to victims of natural disasters around the world. With the latest storm, Frankel donates ALL FUNDS will go directly to the distribution and logistics of purchasing and delivering disaster relief supplies and gift cards to the affected.

Want to help out yourself? Here's how: bstrong.

Photo: Getty