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Sebastian Maniscalco Was Given No Rules When It Comes To Jokes At The VMAs

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is getting ready to host the VMAs on Monday, August 26th. The FORBES top 10 comedian, stopped by the Elvis Duran Show on Thursday, August 22nd to chat about his upcoming hosting gig on MTV.

“This is so out of my wheelhouse, but that’s why I took it. It’s something I’ve never done before," says Maniscalco on hosting the VMAs for the first time. He goes on to explain that the network hasn't told him anything about taking jokes out of his routine. "They want an unfiltered view through my eyes," he continues.

What is the norm for practicing for a hosting gig? Maniscalco explains that a few of the jokes he practiced at small comedy clubs, but for the most part he has to trust himself and go with the flow.

You can see Maniscalco in comedy specials across Netflix, Showtime and Comedy Central. You can also catch him LIVE on his comedy tour. Tickets and details available here.

Photo: Getty