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10 Signs You Are A Strong Person

Are you a strong person? There's a new survey by OnePoll that asked 2,000 people what it takes to be a strong person. They have gathered 10 things to ask yourself to determine if you are strong. Some of the statements may surprise you.

Here are the top ten signs you're a strong person:

1. Being able to admit when you're wrong.

2. Having a positive attitude.

3. Being honest, even when it's tough.

4. Speaking up when you think someone's being unfair.

5. Standing up for other people who are being mistreated.

6. Apologizing when you're wrong. So not just admitting it, but saying you're sorry too.

7. Being supportive.

8. Being able to ask for help when you need it.

9. Putting your problems aside to help others.

10. Being patient. A few more that just missed the top ten are being committed to your family . . . being a hard worker . . . not giving in to peer pressure . . . and the ability to forgive people. 


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