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Would You Go On A Date With Your Gynecologist's Son?

Is it weird to go on a date with your gynecologists son?

Allie Gold was in the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show studio today and mentioned how she matched on a dating app with her gynecologist's son! Is it weird to go on a date with someone whose mom has seen your 'hoo-ha.' A listener who also happens to be a gynecologist chimed in saying that she doesn't think it would be that weird. She says that all of that is just second nature and his mom probably doesn't actually remember specifics of your visit. However Gandhi and Allie argued that they have genuine conversations with their doctor about the guys they're with and the ones that broke their hearts. With that kind of relationship it would be kind of strange to go out with your doctor's son.

Do you think you could ever go on a date with someone with that kind of relation to you? Watch the video, above and let us know!

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