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What To Ask Yourself Before Sending A Nude

Young woman texting on bed

Before you send a nude what is going through your head? Probably just asking yourself if this is the right angle....

"Being honest and having open communication are two very important things to keep in mind when sending nudes," Amy Boyajian, CEO of Wild Flower, tells Elite Daily. "Sending nudes can be extremely helpful to stay sexually connected, as well as adding variety and excitement to your routine."

Here are the five questions Boyajian believes you should ask yourself before getting naked for a photo!

1. Do *I* Want To Be Doing This?

2. Do I Trust The Recipient?

3. Am I Excited To Explore Sending Nudes, Or Is There Something Else I’d Be More Into?

4. What Makes Me Feel Sexy? What Even Is Sexy To Me?

5. Why Am I Sending This? Does The Recipient Want This?

Listen to Elvis Duran explain the rules below!

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