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Top 15 Ways To Prepare Your Potato For National Potato Day

Fresh raw potato on white background

Today is National Potato Day, so how should you celebrate? Eating ALL the potatoes, duh! There are several ways for you to prepare your potato dish today but what are the TOP favorite ways to eat a potato?

Here are the top 15 ways to eat a potato according to the listeners of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!

15. Poutine

14. Tater-Tots

13. Mashed

12. Baked with bacon, cheese, and sour cream

11. Sweet potatoes

10. Loaded potato skins

9.Scalloped potatoes

8. Latkes

7. Pizza fries

6. Twice baked

5. Chips

4. Curly fries

3. Potato wedges

2. Vodka

1. French fries