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Cute Pajama Pants Are Helping Save Women In India

I am wearing Sudara pajama pants to work and LOVING IT! Because not only are they cute and cozy (with little elephants on the bottom. Love that), but they are helping to save women in India!

Unfortunately, every year millions of women and children are trafficked into sexual exploitation in India, and these people and the people of the future need help to keep out of that lifestyle. Which is why Sudara donates with every purchase to the Sudara Freedom Fund!

They create jobs with one main goal of sustaining LIVABLE wages for families. AND as you can see on their site (because they are totally transparent, which is love), in 2018 they seriously achieved that goal. Giving the people the money, support, and community they crave for a happy life.

Let's help shut down these desperate situations for so many worthy women, by doing our cozy-clothes shopping somewhere meaningful! Check out Sudara!

Photo: Sudara Instagram