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Nate Took A Dump And Other Things That Happened At Elvis Duran's Brunch

Yesterday the entire Elvis Duran Show (minus Skeery) went to Elvis Duran's home and had brunch. Before we went we were all given a list of rules to follow per Greg T. (see below)

Elvis Duran's Brunch Rules:

  1. No Stealing Expensive Items
  2. No Drama
  3. We Must Have 1 Toast
  4. Do Not Break Anything. You Break It, You Buy It!
  5. Keep Clothes On
  6. Flush Toilet After You Go. DO NOT Leave Human Waste In The Toilet!
  7. If Someone Passes Out, Take Their Shoes And Teach Them A Lesson
  8. Any Social Media Posts MUST Be Cleared By Elvis or Alex
  9. If The Room Is Spinning, You've Had Too Much. Put Down Your Drink And STOP!
  10. If Police Arrive, The Party Has Gotten Out Of Control, Things Need To Calm Down!
  11. No Drinks On The White Carpet (Elvis has confirmed there is no white carpet)
  12. Do Not Take Pictures In The Helicopter (Elvis has confirmed there is no helicopter)
  13. Do Not Let Maxx Drink Alcohol
  14. All Sex Acts Must Be Done Inside In Back Room -- Not Outside
  15. Do Not Invite People From The Street
  16. Do Not Stick With Your Clique. Move Around And Talk To Others
  17. If You Spill Something Clean It Up
  18. Do Not Stick Your Finger In Other Peoples Butts And Yell 'WHOOPEE!'
  19. Do Not Be Fashionable Late. BE ON TIME!
  20. Have Fun!
  21. Do Not Trap Someone With Sob Stories
  22. No Irish Exits. Say 'Goodbye' And 'Thank You'
  23. Do Not Talk Work
  24. If You See Greg T. Talking With Elvis, Interrupt Conversation Quickly
  25. No Funny Pictures With Buddha Statue

What happened when we got there though is another story! Greg T. broke a beautiful crocodile art piece, Nate almost pooped his pants and we had 30 minutes of comparing each other's feet.