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People Are Making Joint Social Media Accounts With Their Significant Other

Y100 producer, Carolina, was with the Elvis Duran Show talking about how people nowadays have joint social media accounts. Couples will create a joint Instagram, Facebook and even email. Maybe it's out of convenience? Or maybe it is because of jealousy. Carolina told us she was with someone who did it out of jealousy, constantly wanting to check the DMs she received on Instagram... For example, listener Randy called in and told us she shares an Instagram AND email account with her husband.

When we asked out followers how they felt about this they all said the same thing.. someone cheated. "Every time I see one of those joint accounts I can't help but wonder, "who got caught cheating or almost cheating, and now they have trust issues or are failing in a relationship." Another follower wrote, "There is literally zero reason to do that. It's 100% due to a lack of trust. Your social media is supposed to be for YOU and about YOU. People give up way too much of their identity when they're in a relationship."

To play devils advocate, one person wrote that her and her husband made a joint Facebook account mainly because her husband doesn't know how to use Facebook. "His family and friends kept adding me.. so I've been teaching him with mine." That seems fair right?

Do you know someone with a joint social media account or do you have one yourself? Let us know by commenting here!

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