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10 Ways To Tell Someone They Have A Booger In Their Nose

blowing nose

Have you ever been talking to someone and realized they have something in their nose but you feel weird saying something? Well Greg T. from the Elvis Duran Show was talking to someone yesterday and they had a booger stuck in his nose. He couldn't take it but HAD to keep talking! So if this ever happens again he wants to know: how do you tell someone they have a booger in their nose?

After talking to listeners and gathering comments on our social media, we compiled a list of the top 10 ways you can tell someone they have something stuck in their nose! Take a look below and listen to Greg T's entire topic train below!

Ways To Tell Someone They Have Something In Their Nose:

  1. Give them a tissue and say 'you got a little something in your nose.'
  2. 'You have a bat in the cave'
  3. 'Go like this' and show them by wiping your own nose with your own hand.
  4. Tell them in a very quiet way...
  5. Just flat out tell them. No shame.
  6. Just hand them a tissue.
  7. Say 'ew' and just point.
  8. Don't tell them, just pick it for them.
  9. Tell them they need to get a tissue.
  10. Say 'clean your nose, nobody wants to see that.'