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Is There A Correlation Between Pineapples And Swingers?

Pineapples and swingers... those are two words I bet you wouldn't see in the same sentence.

This morning on the Elvis Duran Show, Froggy was telling a story about how his neighbors asked if him and his wife Lisa were swingers. When he asked them why they thought that, they replied saying the pineapple doormat made then think so. Apparently, a pineapple on your door is a way to let your neighbors know that you are a swinger. The pineapple represents 'hospitality and welcoming' according to eye spy investigations. A pineapple that is placed on your porch or mailbox by swingers lets everyone know that there is a swinger party going on. A pineapple that is turned upside down is when there is someone looking for a swinger party. Swingers also use the symbol to look for each other in public. It is also said that a pineapple left on your front door in the middle of the night is an invitation to join the swingers. Did anyone else know about this?

So I guess it's good to know that pineapples have a different meaning other than the tropical fruit...

Photo: Getty