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Sister Called Out For Faking Hike On Instagram

Carly Sosnowski is calling out her sister for posting an Instagram that made her sister look like she was taking a beautiful nature hike. Carly posted to Twitter on August 3rd, sharing a photo of her sister Casey saying "My sister said she was going hiking.....this is our backyard."

As you can see in the post above, someone is taking Casey's 'hike' photo in the backyard of their home. In the post you can see the legit Instagram vs Reality moment. Casey told INSIDER that she isn't that mad at her sister Carly for posting the photo saying that she's a, ""a pretty chill person overall." She continues saying, "It just goes to show that not everyone's life is as perfect as it seems on Instagram."

When explaining the photo Casey says: "I told my little sister let's go outside and take pictures by our wooded area because I haven't posted on Instagram since the beginning of July, so I figured it was about time I posted something." She continues saying, "I thought the background was really pretty, so we took pictures over there, and after I got home and posted it I told my family, 'Look, it looks like I was going for a hike.' So then my sister Carly posted it."

Have you ever faked a photo for a cool social media post? Guilty!

Photo: Carly Sosnowski Instagram