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5 Tips Before Moving In With Your Significant Others

Producer Sam is moving in with her significant other William! While talking about it on air Gandhi made sure to warn her about relationships and the fear of moving too fast. Talking to listeners and everyone following us on social media, we gathered the top 5 tips you need to know before moving in with your significant other.

1. Give Each Other Space

Give space for your relationship to grow.. You don't always need to be together and do things together


Have two TVs in two different rooms

2. Communication

Communication is key. Don't just assume he knows what you mean, say it!

Discuss a problem/annoying habit right away before it becomes a larger issue.

3. Split Chores

Split chores based on what you don't mind doing! That way no one feels like they do it all.

Have a similar understanding of what 'clean' is to you both and who will do what.

4. Don't Try To Change One Another

It is a transition. You will learn a lot about one another. Don't try to change one another!

Learn how to appreciate the little things they do to help out even if it isn't how you would do it!

5. Have Date Nights!

Remember to still enjoy one another's company and continue to have date nights!

Hope this helps Sam, and for anyone else that is thinking about moving in with their boyfriend or girlfriend! Watch above to see Sam's reaction to hearing some of this advice on the air!

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