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5 Signs You Are The Side-Piece In Someone Else's Relationship

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Have you ever been someone's side-piece in a relationship? Have you ever been the side-piece in someone else's relationship and didn't know it? After reading YourTango's signs you've been downgraded from main chick to side chick, we have learned 5 signs into telling us if we are the side-piece in a relationship.

1. He doesn't hang out with you on the weekends

2. You’re no longer his top priority.

3. Scheduling is always last minute

4. You start to notice that you’re disappearing from his social media.

5. He doesn't share his day to day details with you

After reading some of these signs on-air, listeners called in to share their experiences. One listener explained, "I knew he was with somebody, he was a friend of my dad’s. He told me he was ending it, but he was with both us at the same time. I got the whole ‘we’re going to end it, we’re going to end it.’"

It turns out our very own Gandhi was a side-piece at one point and didn't even know it. "We hung out for a weekend, he was taking so many pictures the whole time.... I went to find him on Instagram and he was no where to be found." That's when Gandhi's friend who was also there that weekend and met him found him on social media. The guy had blocked Gandhi on social media and had “a whole girlfriend," that he was hiding!