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10 Totally Crazy Home Remedies from Elvis Duran Show Listeners

Elvis Duran Show producer Scotty B has poison ivy on his hand and his Dad gave him the craziest remedy to cure the rash: rub it with sandpaper and then pour gasoline directly on the skin.

(What?! Please don't try any of these methods at home!)

Our listener Jason called in to confirm that Scotty's Dad is 100% right! He has used the same method to get rid of poison ivy in the past! "It stings like hell, but it works," Jason told Elvis and the crew. Listener Stormy also called in to share her two cents on poison ivy. Apparently, when she was a child, her mother gave her a 'bleach bath' to get rid of it.

Then Avery called in to share something that happened to her when she was a little kid with fever blisters. An old lady told her to put her own ear wax on the blisters and they would heal right up. Turns out your own personal ear wax is your body's natural disinfectant potion and it worked!

Listen to the full on-air conversation about insane home remedies below + check out some of the most insane ones our listeners shared with us on social.