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State Bags Donate Fun Backpacks To Children In Need | Feel Goods

Who loves a fanny pack?! I LOVE A FANNY PACK! ESPECIALLY one that gives back to children. And if you're not of fan of fanny packs that's totally cool, because STATE bags has a whole bunch of styles to choose from! Backpacks, parent totes, travel bags, you name it. They are the bag one-stop-shop!

So not ONLY does STATE give back to kids in need with every purchase- like a fully-packed backpack or fueling #WhatDoWeTellTheKids activations with their partner charities, BUT how the started is pretty amazing....

The Tatelams (married couple-super cure, I know) funded Camp Power about 10 years ago, which was a one-week fully-funded non-profit, which had thousands of children from the country's most underfunded neighborhoods.

The camp was incredibly successful, but the couple noticed that the campers came in with ripped garbage bags for carrying their belongings! With broken (and determined) hearts, they founded STATE Bags. Combining two of their biggest passions