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Alessia Cara Leaks Release Date For Upcoming EP, 'This Summer'

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Before she had even brushed her teeth this morning, Alessia Cara called into Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to debut her never-before-heard single, "Ready!"

"It's not even out yet! The world hasn't heard it!" Alessia told Elvis Duran about the song. "I have an EP coming out. It's called This Summer. Am I allowed to say the date? Should I just say it? I think I'm allowed to say it. It's coming out September 6th. You didn't hear it from me."

Alessia's had a busy year out on the road with Shawn Mendes and working on her new EP! To add more dates to her already busy schedule, she'll be headlining her own tour, The Pains Of Growing Tour, starting in October 2019.

"It's amazing. I'm so excited. I've been trying to do a US tour for so long!"

Check out Elvis Duran's full on-air conversation with Alessia below!

Image Source: Getty Images