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Wash Your Body For Charity With This Soap! | Feel Goods

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Showers are like our daily do-over. You can wash off a walk of shame (at least physically) , fix a bad hair day, and of course....literally get all of the dirt off your body!

Basically, showers are mini saviors. 

Unfortunately, something we so easily take for granted is not a luxury afforded to all- there are millions of people out there who can't get soap.

That's why I love Soapbox!

They are a shower essentials company- like shampoo, conditioner, body wash- that donates a bar of soap for EVERY item purchased!

The donations are both state-wide AND abroad, and the bars are completely recycled! They are made of shaved down and sanitized bars of hotel soap! That's a total double whammy if you ask me.

Thank you Soapbox, cause you kick ass. 



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