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Short Guy In Bagel Shop Has Epic Meltdown Because Women Won't Date Him

A guy walked into a bagel shop in Long Island and starting ranting and raving about women not wanting to date him because of his height. During his insane rant, he allegedly degraded the female employees and patrons in the shop until another man in the shop eventually tackled him.

During the incident, Olivia Bradley, who stopped into the Bay Shore, NY Bagel Boss location to get breakfast ended up documenting the man and posting the video to Twitter.

Apparently, the man was set off when he thought a woman working behind the counter smirked at him over his height. You can hear the guy saying, "Why is it okay for women to say, 'Oh, you're 5 feet?' on dating site? 'He should be dead...' that's okay?!" before slamming his newspaper down on the ground. He then proceeded to challenge other customers in the shop to a fight, saying to another man at one point, "Wanna take this outside?"

Eventually the man he challenged tackled him to the ground, but it didn't stop the ranting. Another customer took some additional video footage of what went down when the guy finally got his bagel. is reporting that the Suffolk County police arrived at the store at 9:20 AM, but no arrests were made.