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Greg T's #TopicTrain: Traveling To Mars, Sibling Rivalry And More!

Greg T's Topic Train

Participate in Greg T's crazy antics! This week he's babbling about being anti-Mars travel, wondering if Virginia really is for lovers, epic sibling fights and more!

LOOK MOM I MADE IT!: It's Panic At The Disco who says, "Hey Look Ma, I Made It!" So Greg T is asking, what is it that you have accomplished that you'd like to tell Mom, "Everything is coming up aces! Hey look, Mom, I made it!"

SIBLING FIGHTS: Greg T just saw a viral video of a fight in Disneyland and it reminded him of a story a friend was telling him about the time he and his brother got into a huge raging fist fight, a fight that only brothers could have. What about sisters? Greg T wants to know about the crazy fight that you have lived to tell about your sibling. 

MARS OR WHERE: News outlets everywhere are always running specials on the likelihood of sending humans to Mars. Let's get real. Mars is a planet work in progress. It has no air conditioning, no heat, no homes, no streets, no pools, no beaches, and no Netflix! Here on Earth, we have everything you could ever imagine. Greg T is #TeamEarth - Not #TeamMars - so where would you rather live, here on Earth or on Mars and why?

VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS: You've heard that "Virginia is for lovers," but what about your state? Greg T lives in New Jersey and he has no idea what Jersey is for. Where do you live? What's your state for?

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