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Here's Everything Elvis Duran Show Did On Vacation This Summer (Pics)

From Santa Fe to Tokyo, we had a pretty epic two weeks off from the morning show. Danielle got in some pool time with her fam and Gandhi visited family members in basically every city in the country. Straight Nate DIDN'T get engaged, but he had an epic time in Alaska on Norwegian Bliss. Speaking of cruising, Froggy went to Italy and Greece with Norwegian Cruise Line and our video producer Jake went to the Bahamas!

Fun times were had. Drinks were consumed. Tans were acquired. But we're back and ready to have an amazing rest of the summer on the radio with all of our best friends!

Check out some of the pics from our adventures below.


Elvis had a staycation of sorts. He stayed in New York to help celebration the 50th anniversary of The Stonewall Inn with Z100 then he headed to his house in Santa Fe with his fiancé Alex where they acquired an ostrich statue and three fish named after the Jonas brothers. LOL!


Danielle went down to the Jersey shore town of Point Pleasant with her family! They rented a big house, logged some major beach hours and spent some quality bonding time together!


Sam cannot stop talking about her unreal time in Tokyo! She says it's the only city she's been to that makes her not miss New York!


Gandhi visited family Florida and California, but really the star of her vacation is her new diamon tooth!


Froggy had an UH-MAZING time with his wife, Lisa, and son, Caden, on a trip to Greece and Italy with Norwegian Cruise Line!


Skeery took his BFF on a cruise to Honduras, Belize, CostaMaya, Cozumel with Norwegian Cruise Line! He also met a sloth, LOL!


Nate and his girlfriend Heather had a trip-of-a-lifetime to Alaska with Norwegian Cruise Line, but alas... they DID NOT get engaged. The pics were amazing though!


Josh did some hiking and camping Zion National Park and his pics were some of the most beautiful Instagram shots we've ever seen. Seriously! Maybe Josh should take up photography!


Greg T had a stay-cation with the fam, hitting up the Jersey shore for a day. He also spend the 4th of July weekend on Long Island in wine country!


Diamond went to Connecticut for the weekend and hit up Anthony's Oceanview in New Haven!


Jake and his whole family cruised Norwegian to the Bahamas where his sister hand fed him grapes, LOL!


Scotty B got in some pretty epic beach days with his wife, Amy, and the kids!


Garrett and his wife, Aly, met up with Froggy and Lisa while in Florida!


Brody went to Maine!