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Justin Timberlake Asked Out Danielle + Other Stories We Learned On YouTube

Today, we hosted a live stream in our confessional room with guests including Elvis Duran, Greg T, Danielle, Gandhi, Nate, Skeery, Sam, Jake, Diamond, Allie, and the interns.

The show kicked off with Jake sharing the couch with Elvis, who pointed out his unsightly pimple. This was later addressed when Jake found a charcoal mask to apply all over his face, eyebrows included. Later on, Danielle talked about the time when a teenage Justin Timberlake asked her out on a date two years in a row. "When *NSYNC first started this as years and years and years and years ago," Danielle recalls, "Justin Timberlake, he wasn't even of age, like 17, and he asked me on a date and I said no and everybody thought I was crazy..... Well I had just started dating Sheldon and he [Justin Timberlake] was he was a little kid so I told him both those things so he goes 'when I'm 18 I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna ask you out again' and when he was 18 he left me a voicemail... and I was like no still no."

What else went on during the live-stream? At 8 am Greg T hosted his breakfast segment, where he ate a bacon egg and cheese on a roll while he discussed all the flavors. Next on the couch was Skeery, who talked about the excitement of getting on a “PJ” or private jet for the first time, followed by the interns who spilled their secrets on the tactics they used to get hired.

You can watch the highlights from the 'Elvis Duran Confessional' above!