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Ikea Is Hiring Someone To Live In Denmark To 'Search For Happiness'

Colorful Traditional Houses in Copenhagen old Town Nyhavn at Sunset

How do you define happiness? Ikea wants to know.

The country Denmark, is constantly ranked as the happiest country. So this September Ikea Denmark is on a mission to know why. This September, the company is sending one person to Denmark to learn all about their happiness and why they are happy.

People suspected that Denmark was voted as one of the happiest countries in the world because of their "hygge-filled home life." “We know that Danes have a strong emotional connection to their homes which they perceive as a safe space for wellness and ‘hygge’,” says Lene Gaarde, a communications manager at Ikea Denmark.

The person hired will be set up in a home in Copenhagen for two weeks. They will be experiencing Danish life including receiving an average Danish salary, going on home tours and receiving unlimited meatballs at the Ikea restaurant. Ikea's looking for someone who is curious and loves to travel. The new "researcher" will be trailed by a film crew, so you can't be camera shy!

If you're interested, you'll need to apply for the gig by July 1.

Photo: Getty