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Greg T. Writes Poem To All Dads For Father's Day

Greg T. sat on the toilet on Father's Day 2019, and wrote out an 8+ paragraph 'poem' to all the father's on the Elvis Duran Show. Here is his poem below, which Elvis Duran read over the air with what he assumes was the background noise happening when Greg T was typing this out.

To all of us dads.

We've made it. We've dated, acted accordingly, we've gotten on one knee, looked into loved ones eyes, asked the question, felt the tremble of nervousness. We've bought flowers, payed the bill, we weren't scared to say "I Love You" and we have Fathered children, raising them the right way. We've put a roof over loved ones heads, we've taken the punches even our own loved ones have given us and kept our eye on the prize.

To be called Fathers.

We've gone with less so others can have more. We've held out hope of 'porn filled fantasy driven sex nights with our wives that never seem to come true. We've cooked countless breakfast and Dinners; cleaned dishes for our families, done the laundry, tended to cuts and bruises and broken bones.

We took responsibility and started bank accounts for our children, work extra in hopes to make a little bit more. We don't have mansions, we don't drive Land Rovers; we don't have "The Rock"type bodies and yet roll with the punches from our loved ones about it.

We're not drunks, we respect our wives and hold the door for others. We've mowed lawns, washed cars, fixed things that were broken in only a way we know how.

We've killed giant spiders, unclogged toilets and sinks, we've put up shelves and struggled to tape wall moldings and paint rooms only to deal with the soreness the next morning.

We've been in the delivery room along side our wives, sat quietly and wept in prayer that she and our families will be ok.

We've stayed up late when kids were sick and coached our kids sports teams like we were winning Gold Medals.

We are FATHERS. We are men that have done it. We're the ones that people ask for advice, we are accountable, we've all done extremely well.

I'm proud to stand with all of you. I'd fight the battle alongside you cause we are a Fraternity that only we know what it takes to be a member. We're Dads.

We didn't run, we didn't put it off, we took it head on and we still stand a little bit taller than the others. Just a teeenceyyy bit taller than the others. A bit prouder, wearing that badge of honor that the others can't have.

The Happy Father's Day badge which we deserve.

Enjoy guys. You've done it and nobody can take it away or cheapen what we have done. It's yours and you do not share it.