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Company Removes One Pound Of Trash From An Ocean With Each Item Sold

Fee Goods Time!!!! LET'S SHOP!

Between getting ride of plastic straws to buying reusable shopping bags, a lot of us are trying to help out with all the dangerous garbage being thrown into the ocean.

But THIS brand- United By Blue - is making a SERIOUS impact!

For starters, they sell so many things we need: clothing, bags, accessories, home decor, camping gear, you name it! 

Secondly, for every single item sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from an ocean/waterway! Want to fact check them on that? Cause I totally understand if you do--- they have photos and their full step-by-step process on their website. They are as transparent as can be!

PLUS they do not manufacture/ship out ANYTHING with plastic waste. That means no little plastic tag attaching the price, no bubble wrap or tape during delivery, and NO bags!

Really, there is so much more about this brad you have to check out. Join a United By Blue clean up in your area, take a pledge, or just shop. You will be making a difference!