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Taylor Swift Got Todrick Hall the Birthday Present of His Dreams

Todrick Hall always puts us in a good mood when he comes to the studio and what better day to have him in than during Pride month! Born and raised in Plainview, Texas, Todrick made it to the semi-finals on the ninth season of American Idol but really gained more attention after posting various viral videos of himself performing on Youtube! His new song "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels" is his highest charting to date, at #27 on the US Dance/Electronic Songs chart and we are just so excited about it!

While we had him in studio though, we had to ask about his friendship with Taylor Swift, especially after seeing the jacket he posted on Instagram that she got him for his birthday! He captions the post: OMG the old Taylor couldn’t come to the birthday party tonight cuz she had to fly out. So she HAND MADE me my favorite thing in the world, homemade cinna-stix for the party & surprised me with the BEATEST MOST SICKENING GAGGETROCIOUS suit jacket I have ever seen! I have been trying this@alexandermcqueenjacket on for the last three weeks and I legit COULD NOT BREATHE when I saw the gift. I will be wearing this to every event I go to for the next year thanx to my BFF/Fairy Godmother. Now if I could just find a man to make me homemade cinna-stix I’d be all set. HBD2ME!!!!"

But what is the story behind the Alexander McQueen jacket? Well it was actually a jacket that Todrick was so obsessed with that he went back to look at the jacket several times before actually putting a deposit on it! One of the times he went back he bumped into Taylor's stylist at the store. Well unbeknownst to him, Taylor had the jacket purchased for him and gave it to him as a gift for his birthday. He also got several other presents from the pop-star including cinna-stix because those are Todrick's favorites. "She had hand-made these cinna-stix," says Todrick. Even though the jacket is an amazing (and expensive) birthday present, Elvis says the crafts and thoughts she put into the other presents should get just as much acknowledgment.

You can watch Todrick's full interview and listen to his hit song Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels below!