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Greg T Is Having Trouble Choosing A Bee Costume And Needs Your Help

Before Greg T heads out to pollenate the flowers, he needs answers! There are two costume options for Greg T for his bee costume. On Friday, June 7th, Greg T. is going to be dressing as a bumble bee to help pollenate the flowers in Central Park, NYC. Elvis Duran ordered two costumes for him to do so. One a tad more conservative than the other. Before we send Greg T off to help the environment, we need to know which costume is the best to send him in.

Some listeners are saying the Bee Costume #2 is just "too frightening" for the pedestrians in New York. Others, however, are saying Bee Costume #1 just doesn't draw enough attention to the cause! Which costume do you think Greg T should dress in on Friday? Comment and share with your friends to help us!