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There Is Now A 'Denim Speedo' You Can Wear In The Water

Get ready to splash in the pool with a new denim speedo (and bathing suit). Shinesty is the retailer taking over for creating, “wearable aphrodisiacs." They have designed “The Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Swim Brief,” aka a denim bathing suit that is waterproof! The speedo-style suit, costs $39.99 on their site.

They're currently available for pre-order and will ship in September, so you won't be able to get them for summer. The description of the speedo reads, "They say jorts are the above-ground pool of the shorts world. We'd be inclined to agree. Our denim print swim brief, also known as the Jeado, also known as the Daytona Dong Sarong is just like that, except it is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world...or something like that. It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too. And if you're really risky you'll combine those last 2 sentences, eating a bag of chips in church while wearing this denim swimsuit. You'll probably get tossed out, but you'll look and taste good doing it."

The site also includes that the speedo should be paired with "caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results."

Photo: Sinesty