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Pogo Sticks Are Coming To American Cities As New Form Of Transportation

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Step back e-scooters, there's a new future of transportation and it involved hopping. A Swedish company called Cangoroo decided to join the alternatives to transportation by introducing pogo sticks to the United States.

On Friday, Cangoroo announced a plan to bring "between 100 and 200" pogo sticks to San Francisco as early as this summer. After a successful launch in the company's home country, it is now pivoting to the U.S., London and Paris.

“We’ve been following the micro-mobility market and seen the demand," said Cangoroo's founder, Adam Mikkelsen. "However, we also found that existing players are very generic when it comes to brand loyalty and making a statement and contributing to something beyond taking you from point A to B.”

Just like the e-scooter, you will be able to spot and unlock a pogo stick from an app. Pricing will look like $1 to unlock and then $0.30 per minute to use.

Can you picture yourself hopping around your city on a pogo stick?

Photo: Getty