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New Netflix Movie Is Making People Sick

There is a new movie out on Netflix that is causing people to get sick. The Perfection on Netflix staring Girls star Allison Williams and Logan Browning started streaming on Netflix and people are not able to handle it.

Viewers are reporting headaches, nausea and even vomiting after watching the 90-minute horror film. Particularly because of their 'gory' scenes. The film follows a road trip to the Chinese countryside. In one scene a character projectile vomits, struck by diarrhea and the disgustingness just continues when she's thrown on a bug-infested bile. Fans are taking to social media to share that they've been sickened by the thriller movie.

The film, directed by Richard Shepard, says the movie was tough to edit saying, “It was tough to edit because Logan is yelling and freaking out so much. Just looking at takes was exhausting. We’d have to work for a few hours and take a big break,”he told horror movie website Bloody Disgusting. “Having great reaction shots of the passengers helped.”

Williams even says her parents, NBC legend Brian Williams and TV producer Jane Gillan Stoddard, are having trouble stomaching their daughter's role she says in to In Session film. “My parents have been saying, ‘When are we just going to be able to relax for one of your movies?’” she says. “I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.” 

Before you watch the movie, make sure you're doing so on an empty stomach!

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