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Legally Blonde 3 Has A Script, Reese Witherspoon Reveals

What like it's hard? 17-years-later there is a Legally Blonde 3 script! Reese Witherspoon just gave more details on the highly-anticipated Legally Blonde movie.

The actress and producer, 43, reveals that a script has been written, but nothing for the film has been shot yet. What does she hope to get out of the film? Witherspoon says in an interview with ET, "I think she's a very beloved character," she said of Elle Woods, her famous character from the film series. "You just want her to go on a hero's journey like she does in the first movie, and I'm having a great time working on it."

June 2018, we got the news that there was a Legally Blonde 3 in the works. Witherspoon confirmed the news on her Instagram by posting a clip from the first movie of her floating in the pool with a pink bikini from the scene where she submitted a video essay to get into Harvard Law School.

Last month, actor Luke Wilson said he's still waiting for the call saying, "I'd go back in a second and do it." We can only hope that Elle and Emmett have stayed together over the past 17 years!

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